Saturday, June 26, 2010

The old information

When Dad was still alive, I found and ordered off the internet a history of the 485th Bombardment Group. Until I started the current round of research this spring, the book supplied all of the third-party information I had about the wreck of Dad's plane on July 5, 1944.

You'll notice that nowhere in the report is there a mention of the fate of the plane, its serial number, or the names of its pilot or crew. I had thought "812" was Dad's airplane -- it was headed in the right direction and all. But now I think Dad's plane was "127", based on what I've learned since, as I will relate in another post. It does fill in some holes -- I believe Dad's plane made it to the target and took flak, based on what I remember him saying, and what he told my sister of the flight. Both planes would have headed towards Corsica, as it was the nearest friendly place to land on the way back to their base in Venosa, Italy.

Toulon is "A" on the map, and Venosa is "B". Corsica is on the way.

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