Friday, June 25, 2010

Why 42-78127

My Dad, John Kristan, was with the 15th Air Force, 485th Bombardment Group (H), 829th Bombardment Squadron, in World War II. He was on a B-24 that went down at Corsica on July 5, 1944, killing most of the crew. I thought he said the plane had wrecked in some sort of swamp. This is about all I knew, or thought I knew, about the wreck when I was a kid. Dad seldom spoke of the war.

When our family decided to plan a European vacation, I began trying to find out more about the wreck in hopes of visiting the spot and perhaps decorating the graves of those who died in the plane. I have been more successful than I could have hoped, thanks to a French gentleman who I found by a stroke of luck.

I will be posting here what I have learned about the airplane -- which appears to have been B-24 with the serial number 42-78127 -- the crew, and what I find out when we visit Corsica. I post it here to share what I find with my family, with relatives or friends of the other members of Dad's crew, and with any history buffs who might be interested. I would be thrilled to hear from any of you, and I will pass along any information you might have about the flight or the crew that you wish to share. Just leave a message in the comments or send me a note joesaysso - at - gmail dot com, in the usual email format of

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